Specifically designed for larger horizontal directional drilling projects, the D130x150s delivers the power, torque, pullback force and other features needed for demanding drilling projects. It also provides standard features for operator comfort and enhanced efficiency.

Features and benefits

  • The three-speed gearbox helps improve the overall drilling efficiency by allowing the operator to adjust the machine’s rotational torque to match different ground conditions.
  • Eliminates the labor involved with manually loading and unloading drill rod which also increases the overall drilling efficiencies.
  •  Enhances operator comfort and provides protection from the weather which reduces operator fatigue and discomfort, resulting in more production per day.
  • Suited for hard-to- access, narrow jobsites, while its self-contained design lessens the need for cumbersome support equipment.
  • Choose the optional telescoping crane to reduce the amount of support equipment needed onsite.
  • Choose the front-mounted stakedown system to reduce the amount of time, and materials needed to set up and secure the drill for enhanced jobsite efficiency.

Brochure Pipeline Capabilities

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